Entry #1

Two songs in Newground's Top 30 songs at once!

2011-03-05 18:40:47 by EricFreeman

I currently have two songs in the Top 30 best scoring songs of all time list. Thank you everyone who voted for me so I could get there!

Next goal: get a song to #1

In other news, I'm currently entered in a competition to play at Warped Tour 2011 this summer. Feel free to help me out by voting for me. You have no idea how grateful I'll be if you do! :)

Two songs in Newground's Top 30 songs at once!


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2011-04-16 12:25:37

pretty Impressive, not very Underrated :P

EricFreeman responds:

I signed up on this site like three months ago; I'm still underrated :3


2011-06-15 21:47:27

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